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D. S (New Westminster)

My Husband and I wanted to re-design our interior house, we tried caslling few local contractors for an estimate, finally some one referred us to SCD painting team, and we would like to thank SCD painting team for their professionalism, they were on time and very neat, and for sure we will recommend them to a friend or a family that wants to re-design their home., they go the extra mile with no cost. and very friendly team.Thank you SCD painting

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testimonial.pngTestimonial: Peter L., Ottawa/New Westminster

"I can not rate the workmanship and finishing as I live in Ottawa and far away from New Westminster. However, the job was done in a timely manner and the painter was quite responsive and conscientious and professional in dealing with his client."

Project Details:
Interior House Painting for 2 Bedroom apartment.

Mr. Peter L called us from Ottawa requesting an estimate for his 2-bedroom apartment he had for sale in the local market.
Peter spent some time shopping around for a good painter, but he couldn’t find one he was happy with, until he discovered me.
He described the condition of the apartment over the phone; it was not very pleasant; there were cracks and damage in the bathroom ceiling and other rooms.

I gave Peter my estimate over the phone without even seeing the apartment; I took his word. I felt by his tone he urgently needed to prepare the apartment for sale. Immediately he agreed with my estimate; my quote was very competitive with other estimates and he asked me to get started. He provided me with his realtor’s contact information to arrange access to the apartment.
The biggest challenge I faced on this project was to meet the tight deadline while fixing the unseen damage I later discovered. Peter wanted the job completed within 7 days including fixing and painting the walls, ceilings, and baseboards in the bathroom, bedrooms, closets, and the storage room.

dI worked extra hard and put in additional hours to complete the job in 5 business days; I lived up to my promise. Despite the difficulties I faced, I repaired other cracks and damage I found that Peter and his realtor were not aware of, all at no extra charge.
The price I quote is my final price, I do not charge for minor defects. I believe customers see the value I offer and they are more likely to recommend me.

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