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P.L (New Westminster)

I can not rate the workmanship and finishing as I live in Ottawa and far away from New Westminster. However, the job was done in a timely manner and the painter was quite responsive and conscientious and professional in dealing with his client.

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Mark & Neora M. (Los Angeles, CA. / Maple Ridge BC.)

"Maher Shomali sets the bar for professionalism and performance. Maher is a joy to work with, responsive, responsible, and produces 
excellent results. We came to Maher as out of town home owners with a property that needed rehabilitation. We could not have been in better  hands.  Maher provided daily, detailed updates and photographs, keeping us posted with every move. He worked efficiently and 
meticulously, taking extra care with choices and attentive to details.  Maher is an A +, setting himself above the rest."

"OK... listen up folks, especially all you REALTORS.  I have been in real estate for over 17 years and like many of you, have used the services of countless contractors and tradesmen with mixed results.  Unfortunately, I rarely find the experience satisfying enough to write a testimonial, however, after my recent house sale in Maple Ridge, I am extremely happy to fully recommend SCD PAINTING (Maher Shomali).  His work was top notch and really liked the fact that he was on-time, every-time, and responsive to all concerns of both my client and myself.  He did things beyond the call of duty, some at his own expense, to get the job done and done right.  I find this refreshing as it is very much the same way that I approach my own business.  Selling real estate is extremely time-sensitive and Maher was a large part of my recent successful sale.  I will definitely put him on my "Support Team" as an extension of my services.  Got home “improvement” on your mind?.. give Maher a shout, you’re going to like him and the work he does. (by the way, as well as being in the painting business, he landscapes &  builds a mean fence, too!!)"

Graeme Mulski, Prudential Sussex Realty, 778-839-8685, gmulski@telus.net  

Project Details:
Exterior/Interior House Painting.

Mark and Neora found us on the Internet, they were impressed with our website and felt confident in our work. Neora completed our online request form wanting a quote for interior and exterior house painting including the fence and some landscaping. Neora needed to start the job ASAP because the house was up for sale.

I paid her a visit the next day to inspect the condition of the house and fence, but was not able to see the house interior or the back yard. I put together the best price I could based on details provided to me from the owner.

Mark phoned me to discuss the estimate; he told me the other contractor advised him to replace the fence whereas my quote was for repainting it. I told him, I would replace the fence if needed and my quote would be the same; I truthfully told Mark that I was not able to access the backyard; I just peaked at it from a distance.

Mark awarded me the contract on the spot! We started the project a few days later after the tenant moved out.  Once I saw the condition of the interior, I knew I was in for a challenge. All the door cases had paint on them and if I paint the walls the old paint will still show on the door cases; this is not good, as a professional, I can’t leave it like that. I decided to change all of the door cases, then advised the owners. From that point on, Mark and Neora put their trust in me; they trusted my judgment.

I installed new door cases and painted all the doors to match the new cases at no additional cost to the owner. I wanted to provide a quality job, not just a paint job.

The owners had budgeted only $400 for landscaping (general gardening and clean up). I went the extra mile for him and spent more than $600 for him, also at no charge.

The house sold in less than 10 days! I believe giving clients a quality job is more important than trying to make an extra dollar in the short term. Every house I work on I treat it like it is my home.

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