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P.L (New Westminster)

I can not rate the workmanship and finishing as I live in Ottawa and far away from New Westminster. However, the job was done in a timely manner and the painter was quite responsive and conscientious and professional in dealing with his client.

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testimonial.pngTestimonial: Archie W., Maple Ridge BC

Project Details:
Exterior House Painting

Mr. Archie W. called us to repaint his exterior house to match the original dark red colour. We agreed on all of the details, including cost of labour, cost of materials, and the project start date.

Prior to the start date, Archie called me because he wanted to change the type of paint he wanted to use; he decided to go with another paint company. I advised him that the other one is much more expensive than the one I usually deal with. On his insistence, I agreed to purchase the paint from the company of his choice, but I didn’t change the price of the project; I was taking a cut in my profits.

During the project, one of my painters didn’t show up, I was relying on him to meet the deadline. As a professional, I had to keep my promise, so I spent almost 3 hours calling around looking for a replacement who has the skill level and professionalism I provide.

I finally connected with a highly experienced painter who was available immediately.

In the end, we completed the project on time, Archie was very happy with the quality of work.

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